A Single Curious Machine was the Beginning of our Technology.

Pursuit of high precision based on exhaustive control systems.

In 1934, 5 years after the Great Depression, founder Minoru Mishina began a rerolled steel operation for aircraft in downtown Nagoya City, in Aichi Prefecture. This was the birth of Mishina Matsubishi. With these reliable world class level technologies which had supported the Japanese aircraft industry, after the war the company turned its hand to the processing of steel sheeting and steel materials firstly for bicycles and motorcycles parts, and then for parts for the emerging automobile.
What brought Mishina Matsubashi’s technologies one step closer to their superior level was the two-high cold rolling mill(see p08) which was designed, developed and ordered specially by our founder in 1961, just three years ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. Using a V-belt, instead of the flat belt that was considered the standard at the time, this curious machine that broke all the rules provided stable operation even in poor power conditions, becoming a talking point among our peers in far off regions.
This machine made it possible for an artisan with the skill of Minoru Mishina to achieve a delicacy of manipulation to an accuracy of ± 2/100mm. The completely Japanese made machinery capable of handling a single small part achieved more than half a century ago, without any electronic controls, the precision that we enjoy today with the most advanced machinery that has only recently become fully automated.
In order to improve productivity, in 1973, four years after the Apollo 11 lunar landing, the company moved near Toyota City in Aichi, which was home to the automotive industry. And then in 1984, around the 50th anniversary of its foundation, the company began coil rerolling in addition to its steel plate rerolling. This decision was a significant factor in the future expansion of the business.
With the technological and business base developed over our history, today we are one of few manufacturers that specialize in rerolling, and we are able to meet the diverse and detailed needs of our customers, from single ultra-high precision jobs to mass produced products.

Exterior of the premises in Atsuta-ku at the time of foundation.Inside the factory, showing a three-wheeled automobile in the center
Founder, Minoru Mishina (right), giving technical direction to staff  First exhibition at the Kanayama Gymnasium, which received a great response
Original two-high cold rolling mill model still in operation  First generation shearing machine. Simple structure compared to current models  Three pillars of rerolling/annealing/pickling established with the introduction of the annealing furnace