There is a resolution that carries out steel.

A Continuing Commitment to steel.

Taking our Technologies from our Mastery of steel, to the World
 Steel is an essential material in most industries. We at Mishina Matsubishi take steel produced by steel manufacturers, and process it into a form that meets the needs of our manufacturer customers in fields such as automobile parts, industrial machinery and electrical equipment. Since we were established in 1934, we have continued to actively study techniques related to steel (metals), and have accumulated a track record as a “refiner”, able to not only change the size of the steel, but provide it in a metal structure that fits its use.
 We utilize state of the art facilities to mass produce high quality products, but have also inherited the spirit and craftsmanship of our founder, a true ‘artisan’, allowing us to provide pin-point high spec production to an accuracy of one micron, to support the development of new products for automobile manufacturers etc.

 And while humankind have been using iron for thousands of years, we continue to seek new and unknown characteristics in steel which can assist in the development of new products.
 With these technologies, in 2010 we embarked in expanding our business from Japan to overseas. Our vision is to become a manufacturer with the capacity to supply to any country in the world. But no matter how large our business becomes, we continue to keep our feet firmly planted in ‘steel’. This is our passion, and our commitment.

Yasuhito Mishina, CEO

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1964. Worked in Europe for 7 years after graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University. Joined the company as Director of Corporate Planning in 2005. Appointed to current position of CEO in 2009.

Minoru Mishina, Chairman

Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1933. Joined the company in 1960, after graduating from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Meijo University. Appointed CEO in 1985. Appointed to current position of Chairman in 2009.