Continuing as a Specialist in Metals, With a Commitment as Strong as Steel.

Mishina Matsubishi’s vision for 2020 is to “develop our core technology of metal structural refinement, while expanding into a worldwide metal processing and chemical manufacturing business”. All over the world, iron is behind the scenes supporting every aspect of life. Our reliable core iron refining technologies, and a broad range of related technologies will all become more and more necessary in the developing world and throughout the rest of the world. While maintaining our commitment to metals, we will continue to work for the evolution of our core technologies and the enhancement of peripheral technologies, and resultant new technologies, as we present our “Made in Japan” and “Made by Mishina Matsubishi” quality technologies in Japan and around the world.

Core Technologies = Modifying the Structure of Metals

Further Expansion and Deepening of 
Technologies as a “Metal Processing Company”.


The vision of Mishina Matsubishi as a “metal processing company” is to achieve even higher precision in processing, and to establish even better processing technologies for materials that are difficult to handle. We also hope to be able to consistently meet the diverse needs of our customers, not only with rerolling, but also in related areas. To achieve this, we currently aim to “evolve” and “expand” our current technologies. In terms of “evolving”, We need to further strengthen our core technology of “refining”, but we are also establishing rerolling technologies capable of supporting the production of even thinner steel sheeting, the processing of special purpose steel products, and the manufacture of clad materials. To “expand”, we are working to acquire peripheral technologies such as various die casting processes using a blanking press. In addition, we have moved into the development of surface treatment technologies, and R&D into new materials.

Bringing out the Hidden Potential of 
Steel by“Thinking about Metals like a Chemical Manufacturer”

We are known for our physical processing through rerolling, but we actually have another side as a manufacturer that deals with the power of chemicals, such as with pickling etc. We have developed some products utilizing this technology. One is the iron powder which is obtained by drying and reducing the waste liquid precipitate which comes out of the pickling process. This is expected to have a variety of applications, including being mixed with building materials to serve as electromagnetic shielding etc. ‘Chelated iron’, a complex form of iron ions, can also be used as plant fertilizer. The characteristics of steel are actually quite varied, and it performs a variety of roles including as a structural material, a magnetic material, and a life-sustaining material. Since our founding, we have continued to work with steel, bringing out new ideas and new potential for the use of steel, and turning them into products. Expect still more from this new business in the future.