Japanese Quality Supporting the World’s High Quality Manufacturing

Taking Quality Japanese Mass Produced Products to the World Market.

Nantawan Bldg containing representative office in Thailand

Nantawan Bldg containing representative office in Thailand

We have begun to shift our processing of mass produced products to overseas markets. In June 2011 we opened a representative office near the central business district of Silom in Bangkok, Thailand. This office forms a base for gathering information so that we can establish the foundation for a local production system. In China, we have entered into a technical support agreement with a Japanese trading company to sell steel processing locally. With increasing demand for home appliances and automobiles, demand for high quality steel is also increasing in China, and we are providing the processing expertise to supply Japanese reliable quality steel. With these footholds, it is our intention to further establish a supply system to other ASEAN nations, India, North America, and the rest of the world. We are preparing to not only support Japanese steel materials, but the processing of steel materials in China, India, and the rest of the world. Our “Japanese Quality” will support the high quality manufacturing of our customers around the world.

In Japan, a Focus on Developing New Technologies, Products and Markets

Medical, Food, Housing

What is Mishina Matsubishi’s strategy for Japan and the world as we embark onto the world stage to expand our business? Domestically, while we provide rolling for ‘ultra-high precision/high value added products’ and ‘mass produced products’, it is the former that we specialize in. And our strategy has been to place emphasis on the development of new processing technologies and new products. In terms of product fields, in addition to the automotive sector that we have mainly focused on in the past, we are also expanding into the areas of ‘medical/food/housing’. In fact, we also have experience working with titanium for medical applications, as well as processing steel for the aerospace, rail and electric (heavy electric) sectors. We have no intention of moving away from metals, but by maintaining our focus on iron while at the same time expanding into various other metals such as titanium, aluminum and copper etc., we hope to be able to apply our versatile rolling technologies to products in a variety of different fields. We believe that this will allow us to make even greater contributions to society.